Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quick Update! 2 - 8 - 2012

Hi everyone! Just a quick update. It may not be a "What's In The Box Wednesday" but it most certainly is an update!I started working on my own Facebook page for when my Etsy store goes live! It's so exciting~

I just uploaded the banner to the store page and I am working on getting my Paypal set up for payments. Definitely going to be great! Also, I have quite the inventory of hair clips! I figured I would start of small and build up my repertoire.Has anyone noticed my blog is finally starting to take shape?

I tried to make bows this past weekend but mostly ended up getting frustrated and couldn't even complete one. What is the best way to make a bow? I know how to make one but how do you make a bunch without getting annoyed or feel like it's tedious? That is the real question.

I also plan to get a haircut this weekend and color it too! Hopefully I can lighten it to the point that I want it. But since my hair is naturally dark and both my hairdresser and I do not want to bleach, I need to go in for follow-up touch-ups.It will be quite interesting to see how this haircut turns out....especially since it won't be a regular person's haircut...
Hope to have pictures by this Sunday post~
Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~