Sunday, February 5, 2012

Did You Miss Me? 2 - 5 - 2012

Hi all!

As you all know, life has been going a bit crazy here. Mostly with work of course. But I think that is slowly subsiding for now...A few projects were held up so they won't be coming out as soon as we thought....oh well...

How is everyone enjoying their Superbowl weekend? I was supposed to go out today to get more hair clip supplies but my coworker cancelled at the last moment.Well at least this gives me a chance to make a long overdue post! I'm sure all of the gamers know that Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out! I was so excited! I even got my own copy for XBOX 360! (Special Edition of course!) And since I purchased it from Best Buy, I was able to get the little Episode I novella book!

Isn't it a beautiful set?! I loves it and I can't put the game down! Forget the Superbowl, FFXIII is the best place to be right now xD The special edition includes the 4-disc soundtrack, a mini art book and the nice sleek box to keep everything in it! Depending where you purchased the game itself, you would get a free gift. I think Gamestop and Amazon had downloadable content codes, Best Buy had the book (which is in the picture with Lightning's face) and I think the Square-Enix website/Twitter had a contest for more downloadable content. 

I was one of those people that actually liked the first game.But there were a few things that I wish weren't included but I still found it a great game. Though I'm pretty sure all of the fans that disliked the first game are in love with the sequel. And I hear there is going to be a third and final sequel so we shall see o.o; 

My store opening is looking pretty good for Spring! I keep saying that over my Twitter xD I so can't wait for that! I have begun to make bows so I can have some variety besides my Fairy Kei fuzzy clippies.

And finally, I think I am back on schedule for my blog. I will try not to let that happen again. And I'm going to try to plan my posts ahead so all I have to do is just hit publish. Hopefully that will work.

So until next time, hopefully this Wednesday, take care!~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~