~ About the Bunny in the Rainbow ~

My name is Kieli Heart and I own Rainbow Star Candy! Nice to meet you all! 
 ~ My Birthday is January 5 and I'm a Capricorn ~
~ I live in the US with my family, two baby bunnies, a dog and two cats ~
~ I am a College graduate with a degree in Graphic Design ~
~ I have a boyfriend that aspires to be a Computer Techie ~

    ~ Loves/Likes ~

    My Boyfriend*Bunnies*Art*Lolita Fashion*Cake*RPG Video Games*All Colors*All Music


    ~ Dislikes ~

    Liars*Bullies*Animal Abusers*Child Abusers*Sushi*Horror Movies*Scary Thoughts*

    ~ Hobbies ~

    Making hairclips*Jewelry*Art*Being with my Boyfriend*Playing Video Games*Going to Anime Cons*Cosplay*Shopping*