Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Life, Why You Take Over? 1 - 28 - 2012 Post

Hi all!

I know, I've been so bad with posting on my blog >.< These past couple of weeks have been killer at work! On Friday, my department had a big project development meeting to prepare for! Most of the research was done before I got this job but that still left making the presentations.So while I was supposed to make a post on Wednesday, it never happened because I didn't get home till 11 pm! It wasn't the job's fault as I was able to leave at about 8 but the public transportation at night is horrendous and it took so long just to get a bus.

So I am very sorry!

While I try not to rant on this for much longer, let's go on to more pressing things! I have a bit of a dilemma. If work is going to take over my blogging, what should I do? That means I can't necessarily post every Wednesday. Unless I can make Sundays my definite posting day and Wednesdays my flexible posting day. I dunno' what to do.

And another interesting thing, I recently read an article that said that WordPress has more exposure for blogs. Mostly because it allows everything on your page to be yours. But I always had an issue with designing my page. I already have a WordPress but I have built up so much with Blogger that I couldn't just start over. Unless I just pop my posts onto WordPress after I publish them on Blogger....

What to do?! Oh and I almost forgot that Valentine's Day is nearly upon us! I don't know what to get for my boyfriend! What do you get a guy? Ah....anyway, if anybody can help me with any of these problems, I will love you forever!

Sorry, this wasn't such a great post but at least you know I'm still alive! Oh, and I'm working on more of my hair accessories for my Etsy store which will be up by spring! (I hope!) I also ordered more supplies so we will see how it goes!

Take care everyone!

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~