Saturday, December 31, 2011

Special Post - New Year's Edition! :3

Well, today is the last post and last day of 2011. This year seemed to have zoomed by. I'm glad and I'm not glad that it did. But I must say it did end on a good note :3

My 2011:

I finally got the job of my dreams

I started this blog

I got my own Twitter and Tumblr

Getting all of my sites together for when I open up my online store :3

Lost some weight so I'm closer to my weight goal

Entering 2nd year with my boyfriend

Even though I had to put down my first rabbit, my family got me two babies that I love very much

2011 is the year of the Rabbit (which makes the bunny situation even more awesome! xD )

It's a short list but I am happy that they happened. And I hope 2012 will be "THE YEAR" that I get all of my goals and wishes achieved. And I hope the same goes for everyone as well.

Happy New Year and may everyone have a great year to come.

Cuddles & Kisses till next year~

~ Kieli ~