Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Cute Halloween! [10-31-2012]

 Happy Halloween My Bunnies!

As I'm sure everyone has heard, the East Coast sure had a bad time these last couple of days. Some states even postponed Halloween! Hope everyone is ok and is getting their life back!

My job is actually one of the places effected by the "Frankenstorm" and has been closed even for today! I hope everything is ok but I still would like the whole week off. Where I work and plenty of other places are still flooded, have no power and there are big messes everywhere. Luckily, our area was ok and we kept power.

At work, we were going to have lots of Halloween activities going - even a costume contest so we could even dress up for work! But since work is closed, I decided to dress up at home. My idea was to make an awesome excuse to dress how I really want to dress everyday. So I called it "80s Teenager" (though it's really Fairy Kei).It's one good way to take the mind off of the mess the hurricane left.

So what do you think? I decided to keep it simple but cute. And it still kinda has a Halloween theme to it. Here is the rundown:

Wig: shop on eBay (originally for my Serah, FFXIII cosplay)
Shirt: Tasty Peach Studios
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Holley Tea Time
Leg warmers and shoes: shops on eBay
Accessories: Holley Tea Time, KawaiiLand, Cute Can Kill, Rococo Neko

This is my first time putting together a full Fairy Kei outfit. But I think it came out rather cute - don't you think? Sorry about the odd background. I took the photos myself and had to use the best mirrors in the house. In my bathroom!

Hope you like the photos and my coord! And I hope that anyone that is going out Trick or Treating - please be careful. Go in groups, go in well-lit areas. Play it smart.

What are you going to be for today?!

Happy Halloween!

Cuddles & Kisses,