Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Review ♥ The Sunshine Daisy! { 4-16-2012 }

As promised, here is another awesome review of another awesome seller! Please meet PinkAmYcaKeS☆彡, owner of the Etsy shop - ♥ The Sunshine Daisy ♥! She is an awesome seller of all things cute and funky! She has a lot of earrings, rings and very fashionable necklaces. She also has very awesome pink hair!And she's always updating her store with very awesome themes! Her most recent ones are based on shooting stars and nautical things!

I am very happy to say I now own one of her nautical-themed necklaces! It arrived in a very cute box (which she so awesomely decorated with pretty gel pen stars X3 ). Inside, was a very pretty gift wrap with reddish pink themed paper and this awesome sticker tape with very cute designs! I was also very surprised with what was within the paper. My necklace was in a very pretty red sash and accompanied by a very pretty bow! And lots of sparklies with Hello Kitty! It made me so happy!It was all packaged securely and so very cutely, that I was not wanting to open it xD But when I did...

Here is all that came in the package! My new awesome necklace, a special gift of a handmade bow, along with the glitter and two cards with contact info and product care!

The bow is a very cute and colorful polka-dot material accented with little pearl-like strands. It has a very nice light blue band and the backing is not glue directly onto the bow which is great to allow different looks when wearing!

The necklace is called "Red White Stripe North Star Anchors Away Necklace" and is made of striped cutouts of stars and anchors all on baby red plastic chain. It's cute and light and perfect for any outfit! And I just love how she describes it as having "striped star cutouts on the outer edges of the necklace so you always have a star to follow so you never lose your way! ^_^ ". I LOVE IT!

Her service is quick and prompt so your order gets to you VERY quickly! Amy is also very sweet and open to any questions you would have on her products! Plus she always has awesome new ideas coming up! So please be sure to check out her store!

Thanks so much for my awesome stuff, Amy! I will definitely be ordering again!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~