Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kuma Crafts Review! ♥ Part 1 of 2 Reviews! { 4-15-2012 }

Not a bad replica right?! Isn't it awesome?! This gorgeous Eternal Sailor Moon brooch was created into a very gorgeous necklace by the one and only - Mandi at ♥ Kuma Crafts ♥. Mandi has a great shop over on ♥ Etsy ♥ and she has a lot of awesome and adorable stuff!

She has things that range from adorable kitties to cuddly pandas to awesome Sailor Moon items! There are earrings, necklaces, phone charms - all kinds of goodies! What I love most about her items is that she laser cuts them! Etsy has sellers that use all types of mediums but this is the first time I have ever seen stuff like this! And I have to say I absolutely love everything in her shop!

Isn't her stuff adorable?! Here I showed everything that I got in the package! I got the awesome necklace on her own designed backing in a protective plastic. She also included two cards with her contact info and some other awesome graphics! It was a very sweet package!

The necklace itself is laser cut acrylic. I never would have guessed, honestly.I didn't know that you could do so many things with the stuff! But it was done! Each part of the brooch is securely layered so it's not flat. It actually has a great depth to it (and not heavy at all). When I wear it, it feels like I've become Eternal Sailor Moon!

I believe the type of acrylic she used is "pearlescent acrylic". It gives it a beautiful sparkle and catches the light very well. It is carried by a nickel and lead-free chain and accented with Swarovski pearl rhinestones. Very nice touch!

I was so stunned and amazed when I opened the package. I am so very happy with my purchase that I will buy more things in the future! So everyone, please do check out her shop! Especially if you're a Moonie fan like me! (And if it were up to me, she should make Moonie official merch xD ) She now also has a Sailor Moon Compact - also very beautifully done! 

Go to her store now and tell her how awesome she is!

Oh and guess what, dear readers! This is the first of 2 double posting this week! So expect another awesome review tomorrow of another awesome seller that I recently made a purchase from! 

Until then ~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~