Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up! ~ Starlight Deco Dream Review [10-24-2012]

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Hey there, bunnies! With all the buzz about a new Sailor Moon anime, the shoujo world has been going crazy. The great thing is that long time fans will now have their chance to collect memorabilia they may have missed or they can get the new items. Thanks to it being a world release, everyone can get Sailor Moon goodies! Even fans are making beautiful pieces!

I'm sure you've heard of the lovely shop - ♥ Starlight Deco Dream ♥ owned by the sweet Kyandi! This awesome shop has things for all of your Mahou-Kei and Fairy-Kei accessory needs. You can find Spank! inspired goodies, kawaii 80s style earrings and even some Sailor Moon inspired things! This was my first time buying from her shop and I just had to get her Sailor Moon R Necklace.

My order came in this pretty bag tied with a ribbon and covered in stars. I love the fact that the packaging is related to the name. I can never stress it enough how important packaging is even compared to a shop's brand.

Inside the bag, I found two cards, the box and original art sticker! The two cards have different ways you can find and contact Kyandi. Both feature really cute art and cute font. Makes me want to do some really cute business cards! The sticker has super cute design and coloring. I wish I had her wig!

In the box, we have my necklace! It has a beautiful shine. It's Sailor Moon's brooch made out of laser cut acrylic with acrylic jewel accents. It is exactly how Sailor Moon's brooch actually looks! I love how the gold parts are reflective and the pink shines like a pearl. Like the real brooch, each gem for the inner scouts surround what would be the gem representing Sailor Moon. It's hung from a strong gold-colored chain and is actually quite large with a good weight to it. It takes up most of my hand!

I am very happy with my order. It's perfect for any Mahou-Kei coord or fan of shoujo and it's an exact replica to the real thing. You can find more Sailor Moon pieces as well as cute Fairy Kei accessories in her shop. And for long-time anime fans, she's a big fan of Creamy Mami! Super sweet and into fashion and anime - what more could one ask for!

Thank you, Kyandi! I will be ordering from you again in the future!

Cuddles & Kisses,