Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Sunday: Gingermelon Patterns [ 09-16-2012 ]



Hi bunnies! Sorry today's post is a little late but I've been busy cleaning and rearranging my room to give my own little bunnies more play space!It's still in progress but I had to quit for the day because it's so late. Anyhoo, as you all know I was working really hard for a couple of months on a baby shower gift for my boss. The picture above is the finished gift! What do you think?

I've never made dolls before but the pattern packet I bought from Shelly worked out really well for me. Shelly owns the Etsy shop ♥ Gingermelon ♥. If you're like me and wanted to try to make dolls but too scared to try - make sure to check out Shelly's shop. She gives you very easy to follow instructions and she even gives her own recommendations on materials. It's all thanks to her that I was able to do this for my boss (who LOVED the dolls!).Thank you so much, Shelly! I'll definitely be buying more patterns in the future!

Until Next Time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~