Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Twinkle in the Dark: Lolita Dark CD Review! [ 08-22-2012 ]

Hello, lil bunnies! Today is a new "What's In the Box Wednesday". Inside the box are a lot of goodies from my new favorite band - Lolita Dark! If you are looking for good and pure rock music with a mix of Japanese and English, then this band is for you.

A few weeks ago, a Twitter user had contacted me with a direct message, asking me if I wanted to hear some of her friend's band's work. I said sure, why not! I am so glad she did. I have been hooked since then.

Lolita Dark is a rock band from California. (And they dress in Gothic Lolita too! I love it!) It consists of: two Japanese singers - Ray (Vocals/Guitar) and May (Vocals/Keyboard), Rain Balen (Bass), Patrick Cabrera (Lead Guitar) and Joey Felix (Drums).

More often times than not, whenever I buy a CD I'm disappointed and only like maybe 2-3 songs out of a CD that's holding at least 10 songs. I am very happy to say that this is not the case here.

Tokyo Status, Lolita Dark's first album, displays a very good portfolio of the variety the band shows they can do. When looking for music in the rock genre, my biggest problem is finding something with a good melody and guitar that can keep up with the drums and the vocals. I love the fact there is harmony and it's beautiful.

The tracks on the CD are:

All Tyranny
Who's the One
Death to Iris
Nothing At All
Tokyo Status
Mad Times

They're all really great tracks. Though if I had to choose my top favorite, it would probably have to be a tie between "Zesshou" and "Legacy". "Zesshou" just has the most catchy sound and I always find myself singing along to it. And "Legacy" makes me want to make an AMV.

Along with the CD, I also got a thank you card written by actual members of the band, business cards and this gorgeous signed poster! I am super happy with the package they sent me. And it feels so personal too! I feel very lucky to actually have been in contact with them because they're so nice and the friend that introduced me to them is just as sweet.

So definitely check them out! You can hear samples of their songs and more on their site ♥ Lolita Dark ♥.

Thank you so much, Lolita Dark! I wish you guys all the best and make your dreams come true.

Until Next Time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~