Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Sunday: Conejos, Usagi, Bunnies! [ 07-22-2012 ]

Hi all! Back in action until Otakon! Today I thought I would talk about my undying love for animals. On this particular day - Rabbits. I'm sure you've all noticed how much I love the little fur balls. Nearly everything I own or have on my websites have bunnies. I don't know what it is. I guess I just assimilate myself with them so much, it's kind of hard to explain.

Since I have become a bun mom, I've been trying to get more things related to bunnies. My Lolita coords have definitely become more wrapped up in towards things with them. I have a doodleband with bunny ears, bunny rings, necklaces and tons of hair accessories. Sadly, the dresses that I would like to have with rabbits are well over $100! Like this one from Innocent World:

A very popular print for Lolitas, besides stars and candy, are rabbits. The Lolita fashion is very whimsical and delicate and of course very feminine. So it's no wonder why so many popular prints have bunnies. They are seen in tea parties, having picnics or even part of an Alice in Wonderland theme like the Bodyline skirt I have!

Big brands like Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright have introduced super cute handbags in the shapes of bunny dolls. And I'm sure you've noticed a decent amount of Lolita photo shoots have them posing with their pet bunnies. (Which I hope to do very soon when I plan my next photo shoot!)

Rabbits are especially popular when crafting deco or making any kind of plush, whether it be crochet or stitching. One of my favorite tutorials for crochet is done by the lovely Violet LeBeaux over at ♥ ♥. Please check out the video and her website!

I also plan to be making accessories (after Otakon is done) and putting them up in my shop. I have also tried my hand at making a bunny doll but it never actually got far since it was more like a test of my skills. Not too bad for a first try though!

I have big plans with this, which is why I brought it up today. But for now, that's a secret! You'll have to wait and find out what this has to do with my blog. Hee hee...

In the meantime, what is your favorite animal print?

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

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  1. I love the fact u love bunnies. I have 2 real ones and they are such cuties. They love peeps lol.