Sunday, June 10, 2012

Strands of Beauty: Gothic Lolita Wigs Review { 06-10-2012 }

Hello again! How is everyone today? I still can't believe next month is already July! And at the end of July is Otakon in Maryland! This year I will be doing one cosplay this time around and dressing in full Loli the rest of the time. I will be Natalia from the PS2 game Tales of the Abyss with my dear friends as Asch and Ion (with hopefully a Regretta). I know I said in the past I would be doing three but unfortunately that changed. But oh well, more time for Loli and Natalia!

Until I started going to anime and video game cons, I never knew how serious it was for cosplayers and how they prepare their ensembles. Now that I'm more into crafting and doing more art on a daily basis, I go by cosplays that I know I can do a few adjustments on by myself. Which is pretty fun especially if the outcome is very nice.

But one thing I know I can't do myself is a wig. And that's where the internet becomes my best friend. One of the shops I love to look at - because not only do they have tons of different styles but also many different colors - and that's ♥ Gothic Lolita Wigs ♥. Whether you want to just have a natural styled look or something to go with your Lolita, this is a really good shop to check out.

The first of the two wigs I bought is mostly for my Natalia cosplay but it's just so adorable, I plan to also use it for when I dress up. In their shop it's from one of their latest additions called the Sweetheart Collection and mine in particular is in the "Milk Tea" color. It's not quite a blonde but also not quite a brunette either.

It is a very light and delicate color that actually resembles tea with milk in it. The style is more towards the bob but with more curl and bounce. It's definitely great for a summer style if you feel like having short hair that day.

The second is one I bought because I love pink hair and I just wanted more hair options with style and color. This one is from the Spiral Collection and it's called "Pinkie". It's much longer than the Sweetheart one but has just as much bounce and curls to it. It's also very cute and PINK! The strands are plentiful and give a full body effect and other than the color being a bright pink, I could probably pull this off as natural hair.

Both wigs came in a secure package and safely wrapped together so even in transport, my order was safe. Each came in their own bag in a net so I can put them away without worrying about storage. The wigs themselves are made of fine quality and look like they always keep their shape (the transport proved that fact). They also have a brilliant shine so I can't wait to take photos out in the sun!

My overall shopping experience was great. They are friendly and answer any questions you might have. Their wigs are true to the photo and come with wig caps (which are important!). And I just love the site and the look and feel of the wigs. So I will definitely order from them again!

Thank you, Gothic Lolita Wigs!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~