Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Electric Alice Review - Where It's Awesome to be Girly and Pink! { 5-30-2012 }

Hey all! Hope you're all doing well! Guess what! I'm back on a bi-weekly basis! I have been so backed up with reviews that I felt it was time to make sure I post at least twice a week. And hopefully that will mean more activity for this blog.

For the first of my reviews, I recently made a purchase from ♥ Electric Alice ♥. As soon as I found out that they were going to have Sweetheart Lace Heels from Deary, I was all over that site! It was so crazy because those shoes were going quick and they had literally just been added to the shop that morning. I was really scared I wasn't going to get a pair, especially when they are in my size! But luck was a lady and I managed to get the last pair. I was so happy!

I also snagged the very cute Twinkling Tule Skorts, also from Deary and the Metallic Milky Way Clip/Brooch from 6% Doki Doki in a light pink! It really was nerve-wrecking that morning - and this was all on the way to work xD

Now since I'm in the US and Electric Alice is all the way in Aussie Land, transport was going to be a little tricky and a little long. But rest assured, I got an email checking with me on everything and I knew it would get to me safely. The order was sent out quickly but the postal service, no matter where you go, will always take time lol

So I finally got the package and it got me even more excited. I opened it to find very cute wrapping paper! (The skirt was wrapped in it.) Everything was securely packaged and wrapped so pretty with these awesome Electric Alice stickers!

The hair clip/brooch is a Loli favorite. It's made of these cute metallic puffy stars with strands of faux pearls and a little heart. You can wear it on a bow, directly on your hair or attach it with the pin part like a brooch to your top. Very cute! (And as you can see, it works great on natural hair too!)

The skirt is actually a very cute skort! I haven't worn one in years but I was really happy it was a skort. It's a soft and sparkly pink tulle material with different layers to give it a very delicate style. The shorts are shorter than the skirt part so nobody could ever tell it wasn't actually a skirt! I love how girly it makes me feel with the sparkles and the laces.

Another nice little detail is the little pink bow. It's simple but just adds to the cuteness. But what I love most about it is that it has a shirred waist so even someone like me with hips can wear it and still feel comfortable in it. Definitely a plus for me!

And finally, my most precious treasure in this order. The Sweetheart shoes. Everything about it screams cute and girly. I love the fact that it's very true to its name. I mean, look at that heel! It's a heart! It's so unusual but so beautiful at the same time. Not many people do more than just decorate the heel. The heel is actually part of the design and that is definitely thinking outside the box.

The top part of the shoe is decorated with lace and large pretty and pink bows. The shoes themselves are made of patent leather so this is very good for the price. It's taking me a while to get back into heels but these shoes make me feel tall and cute and I can actually be in the heels for a long period of time! An added bonus is that I can wear them with the skirt xD

Ordering with Electric Alice was a very pleasant experience. Even at one point where the shopping cart was not working for me, I was getting help through their Facebook page. It's a very sweet and helpful company and you can find tons of stuff on the website. I am definitely going to buy from them again!

Until next time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~