Sunday, March 11, 2012

When One Way Doesn't Work, Try Doing It Differently { 3 - 11 - 2012 }

I had nearly forgotten today is Daylight Savings! Did you put your clock forward? Luckily I don't own a watch and everything is connected to some sort of server/satellite so it's all automatically updated!
How was everyone's week so far? Mine was kind of frustrating but ended on a good note. 

It was mostly frustrating because my Google Friend Connect decided to stop working so I have no idea how to fix it.So unless I post to my Twitter which also posts to my Facebook page, I have no way of telling anyone that I have a new post! And I had just gotten 10+ followers too. So, I decided to try another couple of blog follower widgets.

The first is one that everyone knows calledBloglovin'It's a great way to keep on top of blogs you follow but when it comes to them following you, you can't see them exactly. At least...that's how I see it unless I did something wrong.

And the other is something that I looked up and heard a lot of great things about. Some of the blogs I follow actually uses them too! It's called LinkyFollowersIt's not bad and it works like GFC so I can see who follows me and it gives me a count of my followers. But not everyone uses it because you have to get an account but I hope people start using it to at least follow people. So I hope I do get my followers back. At least until someone can fix my GFC.

And yesterday, I got to hang out with one of my bestest friends! She lives in Pennsylvania so I don't really get to see her often. But luckily, I got to see her and her sisters and mom! Her family is so cool and so sweet! It was the youngest sister's birthday so there were a ton of things she wanted to see. It was great!

I was waiting for them to arrive in the city so when I got there, I just went around the Fashion District (which is both a curse and a blessing).In that area, you can find shops of all kinds for crafting and making clothes. As you all know, I make hair clips so it's always a great thing when I can go there for new supplies and inspirations for my stuff. After a while, I finally got a call from my friend saying that she and her family were in a diner. And so I went. It was a cozy place but the prices were a bit much...even for a diner.

After we ate, we went over to Central Park for a bit and checked out the scenery. It was pretty nice for a chilly day! We then headed to the Apple store. It's a nice place but inside, I don't really find it all that amazing. Then again, it was mostly because it was so crowded. Then we went next door to one of the most amazing toy stores in the world - FAO Schwartz. It's always crowded but they always have amazing things to look at! They have huge plush dogs, really fat pandas and pretty much anything you can think of. And of course, in the back of the store, there was their FAO Sweets. It's their candy part of the store and of course like their toys, everything is big!We even caught a glimpse of some awesome street break dancers.

Now, it was time to make the trek to Times Square before it got too late. Along the way we stopped to check out a few famous stores like Tiffany's and Gucci. (Stuff that pretty much famous people could afford lol) When we got to Times Square, it was full of people and lots of bright lights and large ads. Even though it was already nighttime, it felt like it was still 2 in the afternoon!

We stopped in the Disney store first. They saw the birthday tiara that the birthday girl wore and we had a birthday celebration where everyone cheered and had music playing. It was really cute! And she was a good sport about it regardless of how embarrassed she was. Hee~After that, it was time for Toys R' Us! Nothing had really changed there since I had last gone but my friend's sisters went on the Ferris wheel while my friend and I basically looked through all of the floors. That was really fun!

Finally, we headed over to the really nice M&M store where as soon as you walk in, you get this great scent of chocolate everywhere! It was pretty nice! One of my favorite parts about it is the wall of M&Ms that you can get, in nearly any possible color! And after we were done there, it was time for everyone to go home. My friend and her family had a long drive ahead of them so they had to leave before it got too late.

I think everyone had a great time and I was so glad the weather was really nice for the day, even though it was a little chilly. It was definitely a great day! Thankies to my friend and I hope we can hang out again very soon.

How did you all spend your weekend?

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~