Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's In The Box Wednesdays? {2 - 15 - 2012}

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's day! I had a very surprising one! At work, we had a cute little gift giving fun by buying a chocolate smiley and sending it away to another coworker to thank them for the wonderful work they have been doing! Some even ordered to take home so they can give the chocolates to people outside of work. We could either send them with our names or anonymously. It was really awesome. I was surprised to have received so many! I just started there too. It made me smile.

Here you can see the chocolates I received at work! On my desk area hee hee... Isn't it awesome? And yes, that's a MAC computer screen.And yes, I have my own desk! X3 Also, in that set of pictures, is one of the gifts my sweet boyfriend gave me. I usually tend to complain how stressed I am and it was so nice of him to give me my first Zen Garden! I've never had one before so I was really excited to get one! I set it up this morning and had so much fun. Like my arrangement?

And the garden was not all he gave me! He told me that he was going to send me a large box! I told him not to but guys never listen.


I couldn't believe the amount of stuff that fit in one box! He gave me a bunch of my favorite candies and chocolates. Even a bamboo calendar of pandas! Of course there was a very beautiful card too and a chocolate rose! He lives far away so a real flower would not have made it but I was really happy it was made of chocolate! He also gave me two plushies, a really fat bunny from ♥The Sugar Bunny Shop♥ and a super cute pink monkey! He totally knows what I like xD

Is that not gorgeous? I love it all! Even though he totally didn't have to buy me so much.Sorry I'm spazzing so much about it. I was just really happy to have felt so loved! Especially since Valentine's Day is my late Grandma's birthday so around this time I get really sad. But my coworkers, my friends and my boyfriend didn't let me feel that sadness this time! Thank you everyone! From the bottom of my heart. And I love you, babe! Thank you for always being there.

How did you guys spend your Valentine's Day?

But before I end this...I leave you with FAT BUNNY! FEAR HIS CUTENESS!

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~