Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Past Week Was Definitely an Eye Opener! D: { 2 - 26 - 2012 }

Hi all! Interesting week this has been right?I mean, we've had a couple of deaths in the famous people world, some crazy things happening in the internet world and personal things that each of us had!It was definitely interesting for me. Dx

We had off on Monday so I was happy but then when I got back to work, I spent most of the week doing overtime. I'm not really complaining but by the time I was home, I was so tired!I also haven't been feeling really well and I had no idea what was going on. At one point, my eyes were so irritated and puffy, it looked like I wasn't getting enough sleep. Problem is, I was!So how does that work? I wish I knew. Not to forget to mention, one of my babies, Snow has been sneezing almost as much as I have! I didn't know whether I just had really bad allergies and she had them too or I had a cold and she just had allergies. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and discovered it was just really bad allergies with a slight cold. The weather has been changing like crazy so that doesn't help me either.

So the good doctor gave me some eye drops and nose spray to clear up my sinuses and I am doing much better.But now, I'm worried about Snow. Bunny noses are super sensitive and they don't really sneeze all that much! I mean, I just had them both tested and they both passed the test and are healthy. But it worries me that Snow is suddenly sneezing like if she had what I had! There are no visible signs of her having a cold or anything like that, i.e. crusting or snuffling. So I'm not as worried as I would have been if either of them did but I made an appointment for the vet this coming Wednesday so hopefully it's nothing serious and the vet can do something about it. Just to be safe, I stopped wearing a certain perfume, cleaned out her cage entirely so it's dust-free and I removed the new hay hut I had bought for them. She's not sneezing as much and neither am I but I still would like her to get checked out.

Snow, please be ok!

I also managed to update the look of my blog! What do you guys think?And I learned how to put a email me icon! So please, email me any and all questions you guys might have :3

Also... now I hear that Google Friend Connect will be going away this coming March?! How will everyone keep following their favorite blogs?! I mean, I am finally gaining some followers and I have a lot of blogs that I follow through that! It's bad enough that non-Blogger accounts were getting them removed and now Google is getting rid of it entirely!Does anyone have suggestions on what to do before March 1st hits us? I would like to keep my followers and the blogs I follow but I have no idea what to replace it with? Or is there something that we can do or tell Google so we can keep it? I'm open to any suggestions!Thank you in advance!

EDIT! Thanks to my dear Sis, I now have everything getting set up for Bloglovin'! So please excuse this edit xD

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Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~