Sunday, January 8, 2012

Free Talk Fridays/Sweet Sunday Mix-up!

Hi all! Thought I should combine the two since I wasn't able to post this past Friday.

But moving forward, I got my new phone today! It's a HTC Sense. I think that's the actual name.

It's pretty cool! It can allow me to check my blog, my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. :3 I also took a trip to JoAnn's today! It's like Michaels only it has a lot more stuff! I got lots of fabric, yarn and a whole bunch of other goodies so I can start making my hair accessories! And that means....

I can start selling stuff in my store!

I've been looking through a lot of online shops, for example, the ones on Etsy and the like and also found that a lot more of the bloggers I follow are opening up more great shops too! So, taking the online tutorials that I saved and the inspiration that I get from these awesome stores, blogs and pictures I check out, I am already starting to make cute Fairy Kei fuzzy clips and hopefully start to make cute bows! Though I forgot to get the alligator clips. But I can always order that through the online store! So hopefully you will see my shop go live soon!

Wish me luck everyone!

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~