Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thinking of New Things

So things look like they have quieted down some. Well, at least till Christmas comes. I haven't even really started shopping yet!


I guess it's not too much of a bad thing. I thought I had more people to get presents for but it turns out a good number of said people won't even be around for the holiday season. Oh well...

In other news, I have purchased my first Gothic & Lolita book! I feel like I took a huge step into Loli xD Sadly, I could not find any translated as I was told by one of the girls in the bookstore that the English publication of G&L were discontinued. Oh well, at least the pictures are gorgeous! The volume I purchased is #31. It also came with cute patterns for a warm panda hat, a cute AP bag and a mini hat! I can't wait to try them. =)

I had so much fun today with my friend. First we went to eat at this amazing place called "Go Go Curry" for lunch. (It's so awesome!) Then we went to Dick Blick for some art supplies. (I love going to that place even if it's just to look around.)

And finally, we walked around St. Mark's Place (in Manhattan) to find some vintage shoes for my vintage theme for my job's Christmas party this coming Tuesday ^-^ I will definitely take pictures so you guys can see!

But yeah, that's all the news I have for now. Other than that, I will try to think of some weekly post topics other than my Inspirational Wednesday (which I sadly missed this past week due to personal reasons =( Sorry!) Hopefully that will keep me on a more definite schedule for posting here =)

Cuddles and Kisses,

~ Kieli ~