Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspiring Wednesdays (and a small break)

So sorry for missing this past Sunday's post! Things have been kind of crazy. But let's get down to business =)

It's that time of year again! Where families come together to eat, talk about old times and be grateful for everything in their lives. Yes, Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday.

There are some families that will be having pre-made food, home cooking or frozen TV dinners. Whatever you are eating or where you are, remember to not overeat but do enjoy yourself. Do say thanks for the life you live, the things you have and the people that love you. Because without these, you would not be who you are today.

Just recently, my new job had a food drive for children for Thanksgiving. Even employees contributed money and food. Now those less fortunate will have something to look forward to.

Let events like this inspire you to give what you can do a food drive, a toy drive or even just a monetary donation to a place like St. Jude's Hospital. And you don't even have to limit it to children! It can be animals, the elderly or even those with disabilities. Lend a hand when you can =)

I also wanted to let you guys know that I may or may not be posting this coming Sunday. Part of the craziness is getting ready for Thanksgiving! So I will end it here. 

May everyone enjoy their week and have a very Happy Thanksgiving =)

Cuddles and Kisses,

~ Kieli ~